The Intel Xeon Phi Users Group (IXPUG) has announced the Software-Defined Visualization Workshop, hosted at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) in Austin, TX, for May 22 – 25.

This four-day event is aimed at simulation developers and domain experts with simulation implementation expertise. After an initial orientation to in-situ capabilities, the workshop will combine domain expert attendees with visualization experts from TACC, Kitware, and Intel to design and implement a proof-of-concept in-situ visualization for each attendee’s simulation. The workshop will provide a functional prototype on which to continue in-situ development, as well as identifying barriers to in-situ analysis for particular scientific domains. More information regarding the workshop can be viewed on the IXPUG Events page.

Attendance space for this event is limited. Interested patties should register on IXPUG website.