PHOTO: March 2017 Driver Development Testing_Gator MotorSports

It requires 25-30 hours per week, in addition to their heavy academic load. Besides the engineering component and representing UF at national competitions, they must also go outside their comfort zone and solicit corporate sponsorships. What is it? Being a Gator MotorSports team member.

Miami Lakes native Eric Maltz, a sophomore aerospace and mechanical engineering major, is one of approximately 30 team members who work (and basically live) in the Gator MotorSports garage on Gale Lemerand Drive. The time commitment is significant, but the reward is greater:

“It’s a fantastic environment to design and learn,” Eric said. “We are a very intense, focused group. Gator MotorSports is really a huge training ground for ideas.”

Students evaluate simulator results and work on cooling, suspension, and aerodynamics systems, all in preparation for the annual Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) design competition in Michigan, held each May. FSAE attracts more than 100 college teams from around the world, and participating enhances team members’ technical and project leadership skills–as well as introduce them to valuable industry contacts. It’s not uncommon for students to be offered internships or full-time jobs during competition weekend.

Last year the UF team finished ninth overall out of 120 teams. See the latest photos of the 2017 racecar and follow Gator MotorSports’ progress during the May 10-13 competition on their Facebook page.

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