The implementation of GatorLink authentication for UFRC will proceed in two stages.

The first stage is the transition to GatorLink credentials for Samba authentication (mounting UFRC storage on your local computer). On Monday, April 10th, will be transitioned to full GatorLink authentication; users will need to use their GatorLink usernames AND passwords for Samba connections. Users who have saved mapped drives will need to remap their drives using their GatorLink credentials.

Assuming this stage goes smoothly, the remainder of our services will be transitioned to full GatorLink authentication on Monday, April 24th.

Please keep in mind that eight attempts to log in with an incorrect password will result in the machine you are logging in from being blocked from HiPerGator access. If this occurs, you will need to reset your HiPerGator password to match your GatorLink password.

You can prepare ahead of time for the change by changing your HiPerGator password to be the same as your GatorLink password, any time between now and April 10th. If your HiPerGator and GatorLink passwords are already the same, you do not need to do anything and the change will be invisible to you.