2017 Supercomputer Rankings: HiPerGator #3 Among U.S. Public Universities

IMAGE: Side #1 of the 2017 Research Computing Services flyer.

The TOP500 is the most referenced global ranking of high performance computing systems. Each June and November, their organization compiles a list of the 500 most powerful computer systems in the world. In the June 2017 rankings, UF’s HiPerGator earned the third spot for all U.S. public universities, behind only Purdue and Clemson.

In fiscal year 2017, HiPerGator had 2,015 unique customers and supported 209 principal investigators’ research and Big Data needs. Interested in using UF’s supercomputing resources? UFIT’s Research Computing department provides computational, training, and consulting support for those wishing to use HiPerGator, in addition to managing the 51,000-core machine.

The steps for getting a HiPerGator account and maximizing your user experience are online, as is the current Research Computing Services brochure. Anyone who would like to discuss a BigData project is welcome to contact Director Erik Deumens.

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