UFIT Research Computing has a team of 24 very dedicated people supporting research and education on UF’s supercomputer HiPerGator. Now it has one open position to help build the infrastructure and support for the University’s AI Initiative in partnership with NVIDIA, see the press release.

The arrival of the 3.0 upgrade to HiPerGator and the addition of HiPerGator AI powered by a 140 node NVIDIA DGX A100 SuperPOD puts UF at the top of the academic infrastructure for AI. Here are the technical details.

The HiPerGator AI cluster powered by NVIDIA has significant computing power, but also adds complexity to the systems operated by UFIT RC. This position will need to assist in the management of the total HiPerGator including the AI cluster powered by NVIDIA, as these systems are highly integrated. The requirement to support AI research on restricted data on that system implies that ResVault will run on that system. 

The position is posted on the UF Career Website under Faculty and Staff. Select the category “Artificial Intelligence” to get just these positions


The positions are listed with details for each position and a link directly to the page on the HR website to apply. 

  • No positions are currently available – stay tuned, as more will be appearing in the coming weeks

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