Rudolf J. Wehmschulte,*, Kenneth K. Laali, Gabriela L. Borosky, and Douglas R. Powell. Synthesis and Structure of the First Bridgehead Silylium Ion

Organometallics |, 2014-05-07

Abstract: We report the first successful synthesis of the
long-sought arene-solvated bridgehead silylium ion
[Si4Me3(CH2)6][CHB11Cl11] by hydride abstraction from the
tetrasilaadamantyl derivative HSi4Me3(CH2)6 with the trityl
salt [Ph3C][CHB11Cl11] in toluene, benzene, or bromobenzene
solution. The silylium···arene complex was characterized
by X-ray diffraction analysis and by NMR spectroscopy and
was studied computationally. NMR studies show that the
silylium species undergoes a dynamic solvate exchange in
BrPh/MePh mixed solvent.

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