The plan to merge 30,000 new cores into HiPerGator to build a 51,000 core supercomputer is now underway. Users are asked to help by removing old, unneeded data and files.

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As part of the process, the file system that holds HiPerGator data will be upgraded from Lustre 1.8 to Lustre 2.5. This cannot be done with data stored on the system so all data needs to be migrated from the existing file system to the new one. The old system will be upgraded and, eventually, the two will be joined together to form a bigger 3 PB file system.

Unfortunately, the migration buffer of 1 PB is not enough to hold all data from the existing file system. We are asking all users to take time to take stock of the data they store and to please remove data that is no longer useful, such as old temporary files.

If this reduces the total use sufficiently below 1 PB, we can proceed expeditiously with the migration which is planned to start after April 15.