Student Services

UFIT Research Computing provides services to students in partnership with UF Libraries and is funded by the CIO. The goal is to provide high performance computing resources to support undergraduate and graduate student research that is not sponsored by faculty research funds.

Resources for the service are reviewed and determined annually, from computational capacity to storage options, on both the HiPerGator and ResVault systems. Options for backup services will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Advisors

UF Librarians serve as academic advisors for students enrolled in the program and handle the following:

  • Student enrollment approval
  • Determination of student resource requirements and review of usage on HiPerGator
  • Monitoring of student research progress
  • Communicating with UFIT RC staff regarding any issues a student may have
  • Notifying UFIT RC of student account status changes

Each sponsor is expected to guide students according to their expertise. The current librarian academic advisors are:

Librarian Email Area (current) Affiliated Library
Joe Aufmuth Spatial Data Marston Science
Dan Maxwell Data Science Marston Science
Hao Ye Health and Medicine HSC
Plato Smith Data Management, Social Science Smathers

Onboarding Process

Librarian advisors will conduct interviews and screen the students for their eligibility. Here are the application steps:

  1. Online Application – Applicants should fill out online application forms, which will be sent to the librarian advisors according to their field interests.
  2. Application Review – Librarian advisors will review the applications and conduct interviews with the applicants to determine if a student should be admitted.
  3. HiPerGator Account Application – Upon approval of the librarians, the student may apply for a HiPerGator account with specification of the librarian advisor and the enrollment in the student research program.
  4. Training – Students must watch all related UFIT RC training videos before running programs on HiPerGator.

Criteria for admission:

  • The student is not currently working on HiPerGator with an invested sponsor
  • The student has a research plan or idea approved by a librarian advisor
  • The student agrees to follow UFIT RC procedures and the acceptable use policy
  • The student must review all existing UFIT RC training videos and have a one-on-one in-person or remote session with a UFIT RC representative to determine whether they have a grasp on using RC resources before they are allowed to perform computation on their own. This is necessary as it is not expected that the student has any prior computational experience.
  • The student agrees to a periodical review of their work by their library advisor who will notify UFIT RC when the student account should be removed