New User Welcome


Be sure to complete the account request form if you wish to use HiPerGator, and have not done so already.

New users must review any information or link contained within this page before accessing HiPerGator.

Welcome! Please take a few moments to view the policies that govern the use of HiPerGator and its related systems on our Policies page. Additionally, you can find an abundance of useful information on the Research Computing Wiki, including a list of available software and guides on how to use features of the system.

You should also take a moment to view our Service Level Expectations for HiPerGator and keep these mind as the system is upgraded.

Special attention should be paid to the following important aspects of using HiPerGator resources:

  • Your home area is intended for source code, scripts, and other human-readable data. The amount of data in the home area should be kept to a minimum. A quota of 20GB is set for home area storage.
  • For both batch jobs and interactive jobs, ensure that all input/output operations (I/O) takes place in your /blue/<group>/<user> data area. This storage system is designed for high I/O activity. Programs writing to the home area run inefficiently and make the home area sluggish for all users.
  • Data stored in Research Computing facilities is not backed up unless special arrangements are made. Options include purchasing replicated storage and tape backup services. For more details, please view our Storage Services page.

Your files may also be accessed through the Samba server, located at Please read our wiki page concerning access via Samba for more information.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to submit a support request. We will make every effort to assist you!