Databases and Web Applications

Research Computing offers a Database Service that allows research groups to create custom databases for research project data and use them when performing analyses on HiPerGator. Available database management systems include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. One Database Service unit (DBU) allows multiple databases with custom access controls with a total of up to 1TB of data. Since databases are expected to be used from HiPerGator Database Service Units must be purchased in addition to the cores and storage on HiPerGator that the group would need to perform analyses.

PubApps Service is an isolated web application development and hosting environment for research-oriented web applications with either public or restricted client access. PubApps infrastructure consists of web, database, and file servers as well as computational resources for resource-intensive web applications. Databases within PubApps can be accessed from HiPerGator, but for security purposes PubApps does not provide direct connections to HiPerGator filesystems or services or the ouside web and the outgoing http requests from PubApps are proxied. One PubApps unit (PUBAPPS) provides access to the entire PubApps environment with up to 1TB of filesystem and database storage.