2018 HiPerGator Symposium

It was our pleasure to invite members of the UF Research community to participate in the 2018 HiPerGator Symposium:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
UF Informatics Institute

This year marked the fifth anniversary of HiPerGator, UF’s supercomputer for research. This symposium’s focus was to bring HiPerGator users together to showcase their research in a broad variety of disciplines, share their experience and results, and foster communication and collaboration among HiPerGator users.

The program consisted of 14 ten-minute lightning presentations in the morning and a poster session during and after lunch.

Program Agenda

Erik Deumens
Intelligent platform: Creating intelligence to empower researchers in diverse disciplines
Andy Li
Deciphering how the human milk metabolome contributes to pediatric obesity
Dominick Lemas
Deploying bioinformatics services through object-oriented analysis pipelines
Alberto Riva
Genome-enabled prediction of bull fertility in US Jersey cattle
Fernanda Rezende
Molecular dynamics simulations of grain boundary yielding behavior
Bryan Kuhr
Gravitational lens modeling of high-redshift galaxies with MCMC approach
Chenxing Dong
Fusion of intelligent transportation systems and bridge information modeling
Alireza Adibfar
Accelerating protein-polymer dynamics on GPU architectures
Farhad Ramezanghorbani
Modelling lateral viscosity variations in Earth’s mantle
Marie Thomas
Identifying drivers of freshwater ecological degradation at the continental scale
Rafael Muñoz-Carpena
Genomic prediction of service sire fertility in U.S. dairy cattle
Juan Pablo Nani
Genome wide analysis to identify common genetic variants of high blood pressure
Nihal Rouby
Effects of sustainability and asymmetry on managing multiple natural resources
Woi Sok Oh
The third generation is here: single molecule, long read sequencing in gene discovery
Christine Bruels
Luncheon for participants and registered attendees
Poster sessions