Prof. Bryan Kolaczkowski

One of the major justifications of large-scale genomic sequencing is that it will ultimately yield important insights into the causes of human disease. But how can we systematically move from an understanding of the genome to viable biomedical therapies? Dr. Kolaczkowski’s research focuses on mining existing evoluationary-functional genomic information to learn about human disease and identify potential new drug targets. This research could not be done without computing resources and technical support from HPC Center. The HPC Center staff provide not only access to hardware but have helped optimize analyses to make the most efficient use of that hardware. For example, to optimize a large set of analyses using 1000 Genomes reference data stored on the BioStor biological data storage appliance, Research Computing scientist Dr. Oleksandr Moskalenko quantified the performance of the batch jobs at different concurrent job rates and provided a recommendation for the number of concurrent jobs that would lead to the highest throughput resulting in the shortest analysis time achievable on the available hardware.