Sabri Dashti, D.; Meng, Y.; Roitberg, A. E.. pH-replica exchange Molecular Dynamics in proteins using a discrete protonation method.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B., 2012-06-13

Abstract: Protonation equilibria in biological molecules modulates structure, dynamics, and function. A pH-replica exchange molecular dynamics (pH-REMD) method is described here to improve the coupling between conformational and protonation sampling. Under a Hamiltonian replica exchange setup, conformations are swapped between two neighboring replicas, which themselves are at different pHs. The method has been validated on a series of biological systems. We applied pH-REMD to a series of model compounds, to an terminally charged ADFDA pentapeptide, and to a heptapeptide derived from the ovomucoid third domain (OMTKY3). In all of those systems, the predicted pKa by pH-REMD is very close to the experimental value and almost identical to the ones obtained by constant pH molecular dynamics (CpH MD). The method presented here, pH-REMD, has the advantage of faster convergence properties due to enhanced sampling of both conformation and protonation spaces.

DOI: 10.1021/jp303385x

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