HiPerGator and ResVault Maintenance

HiPerGator Maintenance in early August

Research Computing staff will be expanding the /blue storage from 4 PB to 8 PB and the /orange storage from 3 PB to 6 PB in early August. This will require that HiPerGator be unavailable for all production activity for 5 days. The shutdown is tentatively scheduled during the week of August 9, after Summer B/C and before fall classes start. We will communicate the exact dates once equipment delivery dates are confirmed.

During this maintenance, all jobs will be stopped, and all storage will be unavailable.

User data will be migrated to the new storage and users do not need to take any special action before or after the storage capacity expansion.

ResVault Maintenance and transition to HiPerGator-RV in early August

Research Computing staff will be transitioning ResVault to new HiPerGator 3.0 hardware in early August. We will communicate the exact dates once the needed hardware is delivered but users should expect that ResVault will be unavailable for 5 days and plan their work accordingly.

As part of this transition to new hardware, we will be rebranding the system to HiPerGator-RV. HiPerGator-RV will be more integrated with HiPerGator, leveraging the same high-performance storage systems and running on the same hardware. This upgrade will facilitate dynamic scaling of the restricted-data computing environment.