Check /ufrc storage quota

You can use the lfs quota -g $GROUP /ufrc command to check your group’s quota, where $GROUP is the name of your group.

Here is an example for the user jdoe from the group jdgroup on the /ufrc file system:

$ lfs quota -g jdgroup /ufrc
     Filesystem  kbytes    quota      limit      grace  files   quota   limit   grace
   /ufrc  15799470596  22548578304 22548578304 -    183580  0      0           -

All numbers listed in the output of the command are in kilobytes. The output includes a number of columns. The first six columns contain all useful information:

  • Filesystem: name of the filesystem
  • kbytes: amount of space used by the group
  • quota: amount of space assigned to the group
  • limit: maximum amount of space accessible by the group
  • grace: - means the default grace period of seven days
  • files: number of files owned by the group

A group can exceed the assigned quota up to the maximum quota for the duration of the grace period at which point the group’s ability to write new files will be restricted.