RC and EIO Storage Offering Comparison

Research Computing and Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations (EIO) both offer storage at nearly the same price point:

  • Research Computing: $125 per TB per year
  • EIO: $10 per TB per month = $120 per TB per year

While the difference in cost is relatively small, the offerings have different features. Use the comparison table below to decide which option best suits your needs.


    Research Computing


Type of offering
  • Disk capacity, like buying a disk
  • Disk usage
Payment type
  • One payment in advance
  • Billed after use
Purchase granularity
  • Storage unit of 1 TB for periods of 1 or more years
  • Usage unit of 250 GB for periods of 1 or more months
  • $125 per TB per year
  • $10 per TB per month = $120 per TB per year
Indirect cost in grants and contracts
  • None; budgeted as hardware acquisition
  • Varies
  • Contracts: 28.5%
  • Grants: 50%
Total cost to researcher
  • $125 per TB per year whether storage is used or not
  • Only for storage that is used
  • Contracts: $152.50 per TB per year
  • Grants: $180 per TB per year
Storage access
  • CIFS mount on desktop and server computers
  • Mounted on HiPerGator
  • ownCloud interface through GatorBox
  • Globus interface
  • CIFS mount on laptop and server computers
  • High-performance access from HiPerGator over InfiniBand
  • Globus interface for high-speed gridftp data transfer over FLR and Internet2
  • CIFS mount on HiPerGator over campus network
Snapshot capability
  • No
  • Yes
Tape backup
  • to EIO NSAM
  • to EIO NSAM