Long-Term Storage is undergoing a transition. It is now possible to request that long-term storage be allocated to the high-performance Lustre scratch and work storage system at the same cost. At the end of 2014 the system described below will be retired.

This is a holding area for data which is no longer being accessed for computation but still must be retained with some degree of convenient access. Long-Term storage is accessible only from the login and interactive (test) servers. It cannot be used for jobs submitted to the batch system since it is not accessible to the cluster compute servers and is not intended for that purpose.


  • ZFS-based file system
  • Snapshot capability
  • ZFS RAID-Z2 storage pools
  • Enterprise-class SAS/SATA disk drives
  • Access via CIFS and NFS


Please see our Price Sheet for current storage rates.


Long-term is accessible to those groups who have leased it as /lts/$GROUP.