Adobe Flash End of Life

Adobe is ending the product life of it’s flash player product at the end of this year (2020). The Flash Player application is being removed from PC systems since it will no longer be supported and updated for security.

If you have any applications that require Adobe Flash player, please let your local IT know or open a service request with UF or UF Health IT. If none of your applications require Adobe Flash, then the software will normally be removed as part of the system update process.

If you do have applications that need Adobe Flash, the recommended solution for these applications is to contact the application vendor for alternatives or updated versions not requiring Adobe Flash.

If you host content or digital assets that use Adobe Flash, please consider removing it as soon as possible since content may become un-accessible once the player is removed from customer machines.

For many systems, Adobe Flash will be removed automatically as UF and UF Health push out updates beginning now (1/16/2021 for UF Health) and they are picked up by the PC systems.

Please see the below notices from UF IT, Adobe and Microsoft for more information.