HiPerGator Account Request

attention Mandatory Training
To hold a HiPerGator account it is required that you complete the basic training on Coursera. (This is a private course, and can only be accessed using he link. It will not appear in a search on Coursera.) The training does not require access to HiPergator and can be completed any time. If you do not complete the training within within the first two weeks after your account is created, your account will be locked until the training has been completed.

Full new user training is also available on the UF Research Computing Wiki.

Eligibility: To be eligible for an account on HiPerGator, you must be on an education or research project that has as one of its Principal or Co-Principal investigators a faculty or staff member at the University of Florida.

For your request to be approved, it must indicate a faculty sponsor with a Research Computing investment. If your faculty sponsor does not have an investment, they can obtain one by using our price sheets to decide what resources to invest in, then submitting a purchase request.

GatorLink Account Holders

Request HiPerGator Account


Following the above link, you will be prompted to log into your GatorLink account to begin the account request. 

When an account request is received, Research Computing staff will contact your sponsor to approve your access to the sponsor’s investment; the account will not be created until verification is received. Upon sponsor verification, your account will be created and you will receive an email with the information you need to access Research Computing facilities. The process generally takes less than 24 hours, but may be delayed if we do not receive a quick response from your sponsor.

Sponsors requesting accounts will have their accounts created automatically once faculty membership is verified.

Non-GatorLink Account Holders
(External User)

Request External User HiPerGator Account

If you are a non-UF research collaborator, two separate steps must be performed.
1) A University of Florida GatorLink Account must be created. Use the GatorLink account request form to request a GatorLink account.
2) Once a GatorLink Account is created follow the directions for GatorLink Account Holders above to request a HiPerGator account.

The process generally takes less than 24 hours, but may be delayed if we do not receive a quick response for a confirmation requested from your sponsor.