Jobs and Processes

Interactive Processes

Interactive jobs may only be run on a development server within an interactive SLURM session; see the Development & Testing wiki page for more information on development servers and the procedure to request a session.

Login Servers

No long-running interactive jobs are allowed on the load-balanced login servers. These servers are accessed via ssh as They are the primary gateway to UFIT Research Computing resources, provide a software environment identical to that found on the compute servers, and are to be used only for job and file management activities such as:

  • Submitting jobs to the batch queues
  • Checking the status of jobs
  • Managing files and data
  • Testing programs for short durations to ensure that they will work

Because of the importance of these servers to a large number of users, they should not be used for running your programs for extended periods of time. The interactive development servers are also available for testing purposes. Users found running jobs interactively on the login servers for extended periods of time may lose access to the cluster for up to thirty days. If a second offense occurs, the user’s account may be permanently disabled.

Large Numbers of Jobs

If you need to submit jobs in batches of more than 10,000 jobs at one time (with or without job arrays), you must contact us for prior approval so that we can be sure the jobs will be submitted and run in an efficient manner. A large number of jobs of very short duration can have a negative impact on the batch system and may adversely affect other users.

Code Development and Testing

If you develop code (i.e. the standard edit, build, test cycle), there are several machines on which you can do so and run short, interactive tests; see the Development & Testing wiki page for more information.

Compute Nodes

Compute nodes are meant for performing work under the batch system. As such, direct interactive access to compute nodes is prohibited.