Data Removal Procedures

Pending resource expiration:

  • Notice is sent 1 month before expiration. Results/options:
    • The sponsor buys a new allocation large enough to contain the data
    • The sponsor removes some data or buys enough to cover the gap.
    • The sponsor can ask for a temporary extension to overcome budget issues of 3 mo, or 6 mo. With review after that.
    • If resolved no more notices are sent
    • If no response is received more notices are sent¬†
      • 2 weeks before expiration
      • 1 week before expiration
      • 1 day before expiration

Expired resources:

  • Immediate RC action: quota is set to block writes.
  • Immediate automatic notification/portal alert. Notification sent to sponsor and co-sponsors/admins that data cannot be written and will become inaccessible but recoverable in 28 days.
  • Additional notices are sent to all members of the group after
    • 2 weeks
    • 3 weeks
    • 27 days
    • 28 days
  • At 28 days data is hidden from the users and retained for 5 months. If only a part of the investment expired to take the group under quota the data cannot be hidden, and the state quota persists until the sponsor takes action.¬†
  • A notification is sent to all group members that data is inaccessible but still recoverable
    Note: The RC director can ask that the data is moved to archival (black) storage at any time during the 5 months that the data is inaccessible.
  • Notifications are sent out weekly for the duration of data retention
  • At 6 months after expiration: RC staff requests written approval from the director to remove the data. If approved, data is removed.