2018 Gator Computing Program

June 4-15, 2018

Gainesville, FL

2018 Sponsors - DDN and Dell
2018 Sponsors – DDN and Dell

The 2018 Gator Computing Program offered an incredible opportunity to learn from UF’s preeminent research facilities. During this two-week program, student participants discovered and explored several scientific applications and environments – including tours of campus laboratories – using what they learned to tackle real world problems as part of a project team. 

Gator Computing Program Flyer
Gator Computing Program Flyer

A diverse range of topics were presented by UF faculty and staff members leading their fields of research, as students sought to understand the vital roles of computer science in each area of interest.

The Final Day presentations for the Gator Computing Program were streamed live and recorded for later viewing.

Topics below were featured in the previous year’s program:

Learn the complexities of preparing for extreme weather events in the Multihazard Lab

Dr. Forrest Masters

Understand how brain imaging techniques are used to combat neurological disorders

Dr. Adam Woods

Grasp the impact of open-source 3D modelling and printing

Dr. Sara Gonzalez

Uncover the future of pharmaceuticals and personalized medicine

Dr. Julie Johnson

Explore the possibilities of autonomous robotics in the Machine Intelligence Lab

Dr. Eric Schwartz

Discover the dynamics of disease transmission caused by emerging pathogens

Dr. Marco Salemi

Using Computational Approaches in Difficult Environmental Problems

Dr. Rafael Munoz-Carpena
Dr. Gregory Kiker